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Show The Associated View On CRM Entity Load

Posted by Ali Khan on February 16, 2010

Hello, Today i just want to share a small MS CRM JavaScript. As we know once any MS CRM Entity form load, the default view is the “Information” view of the entity, as see below for my account form.


What if i want to “Quotes” grid to appear as soon as the Account form is open. Well its really one line of JavaScript (First find the id of the left navigation node, thanks to the IE8, it is very easy now, press F12 to launch the debugger tools, find the element by “Search element by Click” option and there you have the element id as shown below)


So here is the script for the form OnLoad() event.

  1: if(crmForm.FormType == 2)
  2: {
  3:   document.getElementById('navQuotes').click();
  4:   document.getElementById('_NA_Info').click();
  5: }

and here is how my “Account” form once it loads( i also collapsed the “Details Node” for better view ability). Now once i double click any account in my main grid, by defaults, it loads the “Associated Quotes View” of the “Account”.


That’s all.


One Response to “Show The Associated View On CRM Entity Load”

  1. Paul T said

    Very simple and works perfectly, thanks.

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